Roberto Llorente (Madrid, 1980).
I am a Madrid based Graphic Designer.After finishing my High School Diploma in Fine Arts, I studied Graphic Design and Photography at Escuela de Arte nº10 (Madrid, 2005).

Since then, I have explored different professional areas, and this experience has provided me with a wide and comprehensive vision about the graphic world, including its relations with art, communication, pedagogy and, of course, advertising.

Since 2005 I have worked as a designer, art director, creative director, project manager and also artworker, since I spent one and a half year leading a team of designers and old school layout artists, learning the printing trade from some great printing engineers.

My goal is reaching beyond what my clients have in mind, both in technical and conceptual terms, in order to achieve a contemporary, fresh outcome. I develop projects for cultural institutions, businesses and individuals.

If you want to talk about a potential project, please contact me at hi(at)rlltmg(dot)com